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Strip Plate 4 x 25 x 5.4m

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30 Jan 2023
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Plate Iron

Specification of Strip Plate 4 x 25 x 5.4m

For those of you who are familiar with and understand the world of construction, of course, you are already familiar with this one material. Has the name plate type iron, which means that an iron is in sheet shape and has a flat cross section or surface. And this material comes with various sizes of sheet iron plates.

Usually has an iron plate size per sheet with a predefined standard. With a range of 4 x 8 feet and a thick iron plate starting from 0.6 mm to 50 mm. For this plate itself, of course, it already has a standard size in SNI. Generally, the rules have tolerated a size of approximately 0.1 mm.

Has another name in the form of eser black plate. With its various functions, from being a base, lining a door, or even for fabricating a water tank. Even this plate has several types including black plate, border plate, ship plate, and there are several others.

In the market in circulation, this material is a type of structural steel. Which is often used in the manufacture of low carbon steel, so as to produce good material flexibility. And even this material is also famous for its strength and resistance in various circumstances.

With the advantages or advantages it offers, it allows this material to be drilled or shaped according to the needs of the construction. Not only useful and applied in construction, this plate is also often used in various repair and fabrication industries.

Then there is the strip plate, which has a shape like a wooden plank with a standard size. Usually ranges from 6 m in length and width from 19 mm and even up to 200 mm. As for the thickness of the iron plate, it is approximately between 3 mm and 12 mm.

More often applied to fences, door trellis, windows, and several other types of construction. For the advantages offered by this material is a material that is easy to bend. Only by using welding, this plate can be formed and adjusted as needed.

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