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Alumunium Plate 1mm x 2m x 3mm

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30 Jan 2023
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Specification of Alumunium Plate 1mm x 2m x 3mm

There are many things that are around us, which in fact are made of this aluminum plate. Of course, the thickness of the plate also depends on the goods to be made with the quality of their respective needs. You can easily find various items made of aluminum plate. In fact, its use is very wide, not only for a building, but also for other small necessities.

Aluminum Plate Functions

The car body industry usually uses a mixture of aluminum plates for bus body parts and various other vehicles. With the right mixture, the part will be rust resistant and resistant to various weather changes when used.

Used in a variety of kitchen utensils such as pans, pans, and tools for cooking rice. Aluminum plate was chosen because it does not contain toxic substances, is rust resistant, and is waterproof so it can indeed be used for one of these household needs with a guarantee of safety when used.

Building construction, usually this aluminum plate is mixed in the use of steel. So, adjustments have been made to the needs of its use, but still can get the advantages of the aluminum plate itself.

Construction billboards or billboards installed on the curb. Of course, with all the advantages of this aluminum plate, it is very suitable for use for billboard needs so that it can be displayed for a long period of time even though it is exposed to various exposure to heat and rain. Its corrosion-resistant properties are also very suitable for use as a construction billboard.

Aluminum Plate Size and Type

Aluminum plates on the market are available in various types and sizes. Generally, the plates sold are 1100 aluminum plate types which are the standard for general use in Indonesia, as well as 5052 aluminum plates, 5083 aluminum plates, and 7075 aluminum plates which are more focused on industry and marine. Meanwhile, the size of the plates varies, from 0.15 mm to 250 mm in thickness, with dimensions of 1 x 2 m, 1.2 x 24 m, and 1.22 x 2.44 mm.

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