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Alumunium Plate 1mm x 2m x 2mm Surabaya

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30 Jan 2023
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Specification of Alumunium Plate 1mm x 2m x 2mm Surabaya

ALUMUNIUM PLATE 1mm x 2m x 2mm

Aluminum Plate Characteristics

Easy to shape and does not cause reactions when formed making it easy to be applied to various needs quickly and easily.

Can be used for various functions because it is light, does not cause toxic substances, and does not easily rust. Especially for various household and industrial utensils that must be sterile and safe.

Has a large enough electric power so that it can also be applied to the needs of electric cables. Of course, it must be with certain installations that need to be considered in order to maintain security in its installation.

Can be combined with other metals without causing any reaction so it will be safe to be applied simultaneously depending on needs.

It is interesting if it is used in several house constructions because it has good colors so that it gives a different impression to your home. You can also play with this aluminum plate application for several parts of the house so that it looks unique but still comfortable.

Aluminum plate and its use are resistant to rust so that it is durable in use.

Resistant to weather changes, which makes this plate also suitable for a variety of outdoor installation needs.

Aluminum Plate Size and Type

Aluminum plates on the market are available in various types and sizes. Generally, the plates sold are 1100 aluminum plate types which are the standard for general use in Indonesia, as well as 5052 aluminum plates, 5083 aluminum plates, and 7075 aluminum plates which are more focused on industry and marine. Meanwhile, the size of the plates varies, from 0.15 mm to 250 mm in thickness, with dimensions of 1 x 2 m, 1.2 x 24 m, and 1.22 x 2.44 mm.

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