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Welded Pipe SCH 40

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30 Jan 2023
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Specification of Welded Pipe SCH 40


Schedule 40 hydrant pipe is a hydrant pipe that is used to drain water so that the hydrant system can be technically implemented properly. This Schedule 40 hydrant pipe is one of the pipes standardized by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regarding the thickness of a pipe (pipe). Why is it called a Schedule 40 hydrant pipe? The hydrant pipe schedule 40 is named because to measure the relationship between the pipe wall thickness and the inner diameter of the hydrant pipe it has schedule 40. The definition of schedule itself is to measure the relationship between the pipe wall thickness to the inner diameter (ID). Schedule or sch number is an approximation of the ratio value of working pressure in the pipe divided by the allowable stress in the pipe multiplied by 1000.

How to calculate the hydrant pipe naming schedule 40

To calculate and name the Schedule 40 hydrant pipe as follows:

Sch number ~ # = pressure / stress * 1000

So it must be calculated against the type of pipe material. For example, a typical pressure of 350 Psi and a steel pipe allowable stress is 10 000 Psi. The method of calculating 350 is like 10000 then multiplied by 1000 then the number is 35. Because it is odd, it is fulfilled as schedule 40, because this calculation is used to name the hydrant pipe schedule 40 (Sch 40). This schedule 40 hydrant pipe has a working pressure of up to 40 bar water pressure. For practical purposes, the schedule is usually based on the pressure in the bar. It is recommended to use a schedule 40 hydrant pipe for water pressures that reach 40 bar.

The material used on Schedule 40 hydrant pipes uses materials from steel. So there is no need to doubt about the quality of the Schedule 40 hydrant pipe because it is made of strong steel and is not susceptible to corrosion which can be caused by oil, salt and hazardous chemicals. Because of this, we from Bromindo provide attractive offers about various hydrant pipes and guaranteed quality. For more detailed information and prices, please ask our admin directly.

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