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Kalsiboard List Plank

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30 Jan 2023
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List Plank

Specification of Kalsiboard List Plank


 Wood that is commonly used for house building such as for roof signboards, wall covering boards, and so on. Kalsi is an asbestos-free building board material produced by Eternit Gresik. There are various types of building boards, including floorboards, sliding planks (wood texture), boards for outer walls, partitions and ceilings. This material has various advantages, namely:

- not weathered

- not eaten by termites

- when used for brick replacement walls will be lighter with mild steel construction

- has a teak wood texture

 How to Install a List Plank:

In general, the frame used to support the housing listplank is 5x7cm rafters that are installed horizontally or tilted in the direction of and in line with the listplank. It is recommended that the wood of the rafters be used frequently or oven. When using a holo iron, use a minimum size of 40 x 40 x 0.7mm. While the recommended nail / screw sizes are 50mm-75mm long.

 Following are the guidelines for installing screws on Kalsiplank:

- Minimum 75mm screw to panel angle distance

- Minimum screw distance from panel side is 15mm

- The distance between screws on the side of the panel is a maximum of 200mm

- Maximum distance between screws in the center of the panel is 300mm

- The distance / gap between the panels is approximately 4mm

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