Gypsum Knauf 9mm x 120 x 240cm

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07 Feb 2023
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Specification of Gypsum Knauf 9mm x 120 x 240cm

Selling Cheap Knauf Gypsum Surabaya

 If you are looking for cheap gypsum with guaranteed quality, we can consider Knauf's gypsum products. Knauf is a gypsum manufacturer based in Iphofen, Germany. Knauf's products are famous for their affordable prices starting from Rp. 53,000. Its quality is also not in doubt with its light, strong, and easy-to-cut characteristics.

 There are two gypsum products issued by Knauf, namely the standard type and the waterproof type. Several types of Knauf Gypsum sizes include:

  1. Knauf 9mm x 120 x 40cm

  2. Knauf 12mm x 120 x 40cm

  3. Knauf MoistureShield 9mm x 120 x 40cm

  4. Knauf MoistureShield 12mm x 120 x 40cm

 Tips on Buying a Gypsum Board:

  1.  Smooth Plank Surface (When buying gypsum board, you should look at the surface and make sure it is smooth and even. Such a surface makes the painting process easier and the result is better. To ensure this, you just need to feel the surface.)

  2.  Not Compact (A fragile gypsum board is more at risk of breaking and getting damaged in the future. When buying gypsum, you should lift the board to make sure it is fragile. If it is too brittle and a lot of splinters fall, you should look for another product.)

  3. Light (choose light gypsum, but not fragile. Light gypsum will facilitate the installation process)

  4. Guaranteed (If you can, make sure what you want to buy has a warranty guarantee provided by the manufacturer. The existence of a warranty will make you feel safer with the product you buy.)

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