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Floordeck Bondek 0.75mm x 5M

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21 Sep 2021
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1 meter
Wave Plate

Specification of Floordeck Bondek 0.75mm x 5M

Selling Cheap Bondek / Flooerdeck Surabaya

  Bondek is a galvanic material formed to resemble "corrugated zinc" but not as a function of the covering material or zinc. Bondek is a coating material for cast concrete floors as a substitute for wood formwork (plywood). Bondek is also designed to convert the use of the diameter of iron and convert the thickness of the cast concrete. The bending system (wave plate) is designed to help strengthen the structure of the concrete slab floor.

 The advantages of using a bondek plate are:

  1. If the bondek plate is used as a substitute for formwork, if the floor concrete is dry (28 days of dry concrete), it does not need to be removed because it has become one element of structural strength.
  2. If using wooden formwork (plywood), it will require a lot of poles and support beams (scaffolding / stretcher), with bondek will reduce this.
  3. Reducing the amount of labor time in bondek installation compared to wooden formwork (plywood) in other words, efficient and economical.
  4. Bondek can be used in 2 (two) ways, namely the floor beam system is cast first then bondek overlaps on it and then the floor is cast, or another way, namely the floor beams are cast simultaneously with the floor plate.

Weaknesses of using bondek plate:

  1. Bondek plates are not easy to cut, so when they are applied in the field, it is better to measure the exact needs of each length, then we buy them already cut and ready to use.
  2. Bondek in its installation requires a tool "electric welding" to connect each bondek so that mutual attraction occurs.
  3. Not suitable to be applied to concrete slabs for edge areas (plates that are not supported by blocks) such as; cantilever plate and canopy plate.
  4. The bondek plate cannot be joined, therefore the end (cut) edge of the bondek galvanized plate must sit right on the floor.

 Bondek plate sizes start from 0.65mm, 0.75mm and 1mm thickness, while the width is 1 meter and 12 meters long. How to apply this: the direction of the fold segment for the shortest span (distance) between the beams, for example; 3m x 6m square then use a piece of bondek length @ 2.9m x 1m (width) and the number of pieces is approximately 9 pieces.

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