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Iron Box Hollow Size 50 x 50

Last Updated
14 Jan 2022
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Hollow Iron

Specification of Iron Box Hollow Size 50 x 50

Hollow Iron at cheap prices in Surabaya

Hollow iron is currently an inseparable part of construction, whether large or small scale, it definitely requires hollow iron which is like a pipe but a box and with many sizes to make hollow iron easily customizable into the desired shape. even today, hollow iron is widely used for many uses such as a modified vehicle frame, as a frame for furniture or furniture, as a cafe table and chairs, as a room decoration material.


various sizes of hollow iron according to size and shape:

hollow iron box size 20 x 20

hollow iron box size 20 x 40

hollow iron box size 40 x 40

hollow iron box size 40 x 80

hollow iron box size 50 x 50

hollow iron box size 50 x 100

hollow iron box size 75 x 75

hollow iron box size 100 x 100

hollow iron box size 150 x 150


The price of hollow iron currently varies greatly because it is still determined by its quality as well, in the Indonesian market there are many hollow iron circulating with quality below standard, usually sold at a relatively cheaper price. but for those of you who choose quality there is also a hollow iron with good quality but definitely has a higher price. Besides the price, the size is also very important before you buy hollow iron, you have to adjust it to your needs so that you don't have the wrong size because once again the size will affect the price.


For the area of ​​Surabaya hollow iron is widely sold, starting from factories, suppliers, distributors, to regular shops. Because as the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya certainly has a fairly rapid development and city development, this is directly proportional to the need for many building materials, one of which includes hollow iron. Even the eastern parts of Indonesia such as Papua, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan islands prefer Surabaya as a supplier of hollow iron and other construction building materials.


for those of you who are currently looking for a supplier or distributor of hollow iron in Surabaya, you can contact us to ask directly about the current updated stock and prices.

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