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Galvanized Hollow Iron Size 150 x 150

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30 Jan 2023
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Hollow Iron

Specification of Galvanized Hollow Iron Size 150 x 150

Cheap Galvanized Hollow Iron Surabaya

The need for galvanized hollow iron is very high because hollow iron which has a shape like a pipe but is square makes it easy to make various forms in other words, it is easy to modify, moreover, galvanized hollow iron has many sizes making it an option as a construction material and other materials for making equipment. . galvanized hollow iron itself is made from a mixture of galvanized iron and steel or this mixture is commonly called stainless steel.


various sizes of galvanized hollow iron according to size and shape:

hollow iron box size 20 x 20

hollow iron box size 20 x 40

hollow iron box size 40 x 40

hollow iron box size 40 x 80

hollow iron box size 50 x 50

hollow iron box size 50 x 100

hollow iron box size 75 x 75

hollow iron box size 100 x 100

hollow iron box size 150 x 150


Galvanized Hollow Iron in construction needs

One of the functions of galvanized hollow iron is for construction frames, as we all know, box iron or galvanized hollow is widely used for construction such as for example for canopy roof trusses, using hollow iron for canopy roof frames has the advantage of being strong and resistant to weather in addition Hollow iron can be easily formed according to design and makes the appearance of construction results more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Galvanized hollow iron is also commonly used for ceiling frames where the choice of this material makes it stronger and stronger


Galvanized hollow iron in needs other than construction

Hollow iron can also be used for chair frames and cafe tables, hollow iron has the advantage of being easy to shape so that it is easy to work on, especially using galvanized hollow iron which costs a lot cheaper. Besides that, it can also be used for modified vehicle frames such as motorized rickshaws, or food carts, nowadays a lot of materials are made of galvanized hollow iron.


for those of you who currently need galvanized hollow iron at competitive prices directly from suppliers or distributors, immediately contact us to get price updates and stock updates.

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