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Deformed Bar 25mm

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21 Sep 2021
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Steel Bar

Specification of Deformed Bar 25mm

Selling Cheap 25mm Concrete Iron, Surabaya

 In general, there are two types of rebar, namely plain bar and deformed bar. Plain iron products have a smooth and stretchy surface and a round cross section. Furthermore, screw iron, as the name implies, has a surface shape like a fish's fin (twisting) or regular fins like bamboo, with different patterns depending on the manufacturer.

 Threaded iron is more commonly used as reinforcing concrete than plain. Iron threaded through a roller process on its surface so that it has a better bond between reinforcement and concrete. This threaded shape improves adhesion thereby resisting movement of the rod against the concrete. Threaded iron material has a minimum compressive resistance of 400 Mpa. For buildings or high-rise buildings, the steel that is more often used is screw-type concrete because multi-storey buildings require stronger hook power.

 In the production of concrete there is the term tolerance limit. Tolerance limit is the difference limit or the difference in size from the marking that becomes the determination. For example, a product measuring 8mm has a tolerance limit of 0.1mm. That is, the actual diameter may be 0.1mm smaller than 8mm or 7.9mm in size and the standard length of this product is 12 meters. One of the sizes we provide is screw concrete measuring 25mm x 12m weighing @ 46.2 / kg.

 CV. Timur Sarana Persada is a distributor that sells good quality building materials at competitive prices in Surabaya. We sell various kinds of building materials, including Galvanized Pipe / Water Pipe, Black Pipe / Gas Pipe, Square Pipe / Hollow Pipe, Galvanized Hollow, Welded Pipe, Seamless Pipe, Ship Plate, Bordes Plate / Flower Plate, Galvanized Plate, Perforated Plate , Strip Plate, Elbow Iron, WF Iron, H-Beam Iron, Nako / Verkan Iron, Mild Steel, UNP Channel Iron; CNP; INP, Wiremesh, BRC Fence, Gabion Wire, Barbed Wire, Galvalum Roof, Zinc BJLS, Metal Tile, Ceramic Floor, Doors, Gypsum, and many more.

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