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Surabaya Wiremesh
Surabaya Wiremesh
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18 Dec 2020
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Specification of Surabaya Wiremesh

Wiremesh is a series of iron consisting of parallel rows and columns of intersecting wires. These intersecting cables or wires are usually connected by welding so that they are tied together perfectly and firmly. Wiremesh and its specifications are quite diverse because they are made with various materials and metal alloys. Wiremesh comes in almost unlimited shapes and sizes, and a wide variety of materials and metal alloys.

Iron and steel are important elements in construction. One of the products is wiremesh which is widely used in many ways, such as in the manufacture of multi-storey buildings. The definition of wiremesh here focuses more on the specific interests of wiremesh for the benefit of the casting project, but in general we also describe it here.

A wire mesh circuit has a series of wires that intersect each other. The shape is similar to a woven or woven. The result of this webbing is able to create a stable sheet. Wiremesh and its specifications are useful for construction applications that require more flexible sheets. The manufacture involves 2 wires being consistently woven perpendicularly and continuously to form a sturdy sheet of wire. Only then undergoes welding for the final result.

Making wiremesh can now use the machine so that the results will be faster and more consistent. The results will match the desired dimensions. The finished woven wire sheet is then cut to the size required for construction work.

For the application itself, wiremesh has quite a variety of uses. Most commonly, this woven wire is used for a variety of fields, including:

  1. Fence
  2. Filter
  3. Grills
  4. reinforcement of concrete
  5. rack
  6. etc.

One example of the use of concrete reinforcement is for casting needs with ready mix cast concrete, or for precast concrete

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