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Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40
Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40
Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40
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26 Oct 2020
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Specification of Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40

Selling Cheap Black Pipe SCH 40 Surabaya

Schedule 40 pipe is a pipe that has a standard thickness size set by ANSI (American Nation Standard Institute) SCH is a parameter for measuring wall thickness with ID. While code 40 indicates the strength of the pipe can withstand up to 40 bar so it is called a sch 40 pipe. The sch 40 pipe product is seamless and there is welded. For seamless, there is no local production. All seamless products at this time are imported products, for sch 40 pipes local products are the brands Bakrie, KHI, and Spindo which have an ERW manufacturing system. The sch 40 pipe application can be used for water or more precisely for the oil & gas industry.

Black Pipe Schedule 40 Size

The following is an example of the size of the SCH40 Black Pipe:

1. SCH40 1/2 "x 2.8mm
2. SCH40 3/4 "x 2.9mm
3. SCH40 1 "x 3.4mm
4. SCH40 1 1/4 "x 3.6mm
5. SCH40 1 1/2 "x 3.7mm
6. SCH40 2 "x 3.9mm
7. SCH40 2 1/2 "x 5.2mm
8. SCH40 3 "x 5.5mm
9. SCH40 4 "x 6mm
10. SCH40 6 "x 7.1mm
11. SCH40 8 "x 8.2mm

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