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TASO Light Iron
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26 Nov 2020
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Specification of TASO Light Iron

Sell ​​TASO Light Steel Surabaya

  Lately, mild steel has become one of the most popular materials for buildings. Mild steel brands are very diverse with different types and prices tend to be more affordable. Apart from these two things, the many advantages of mild steel are also the reason why many people use this material for building materials. When compared with conventional steel, mild steel itself is a type of material that has thin and light dimensions.

 Choose mild steel which is accompanied by the SNI logo so that the quality is guaranteed. If there is an SNI logo, then you as a consumer feel that you can get an idea that the mild steel has good quality standards.

 The next best lightweight steel brand is TASO, which is in demand for roof trussing of buildings such as houses and shop houses. Just like the two previous brands, TASO mild steel also provides many types of products that can be used for building construction materials. The types of products provided by TASO are quite complete and are able to meet the needs of roof construction. Being one of the best mild steel brands in Indonesia, of course TASO already has SNI standards for all its mild steel products.

 Many customers have entrusted their roof truss to TASO. As such, TASO mild steel has indeed been shown to have excellent quality. TASO itself has several products of various sizes such as battens, truss, and light steel. With a fairly competitive price, TASO can be the best choice for a roof frame building. Moreover, TASO mild steel has SNI standard and is very suitable for use. However, in using it you still have to do the calculations properly and precisely so that there are no installation errors and incorrect construction.

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